Aug 28
“…between kneeling down and bending over?” Mario Party 3 - Spiny Desert [Part 4]

Jul 12

Have some unfortunate news, seems we won’t be doing a panel at PAX Prime this year. I got an Email from Penny Arcade a bit ago saying that we were taken off the schedule due to a huge spike in applicants at this year’s con. It’s a shame, we already had some of the prizes we planned on giving out, might try to think of some alternate way to give away the stuff we already got.

Jun 22
Raid my town! …Please?

Raid my town! …Please?

May 21
“What is he groping? It looks like he’s trying to reach for his…you know…but he’s too nervous to do it in front of a girl.” Super Paper Mario - Episode 20 (Part 1)

“How come girls get all the cool stuff in school? They got that, like, pamphlet in fifth grade about growth and development that we didn’t get to see…” Super Paper Mario - Episode 13

Apr 27
“Oh! I was hopeful I could get Tim to pop me!” New Super Mario Bros. U - Episode 21

Apr 25
“Well, there’s four of us, so, wouldn’t it be an orgy?” New Super Mario Bros. U - Episode 20

Apr 21
“You guys see this? He’s being a suave ass!” New Super Mario Bros. U

Apr 20



Goddammit, sheikahstone, why’d you have to go and reblog that with no context?

Reblog what? I reblog a lot of things, you gotta be more specific! >.<

Hahahaha. The Link’s Awakening picture.

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